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Provence Maie and Panetiere.

 Two regional furniture used in past french country from 15th C. until early
20th C.

 The "Maie" is a chest used to store flour or dough.

 The "Panetiere" is a cupboard used to store bread safe from mice and rats. It was hanged to the wall. Scroll legs were not functionnal.

 As bread was the staple in the past, both were used in most of areas. The oldest look very rough and were just functional. During the 18th C. cabinetmakers started to add foliage carving, flowers, ornementation like tureen or basket and turned baluster.

 The most outstanding pieces have been made in Provence where craftmen compete with skill. Their work was a big influence in others cabinet makers.

 During 19th C. this art reach its peak. Today, outstanding pieces can be seen in museum, some private collectors and antique dealers.

 This miniature set is made in 250 yo walnut. Assembly are dovetailed,tenon and mortice. The whole piece is fully handcarved. Wax finish on natural wood.
Overall size is : 6.6 inches- One of a kind piece

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