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Musical Instruments

# 42
XVIIth C. theorbe from Mattéo Sellas

Venice.Ivory and ebony . 28 strings (working keys).
The finger board is adorned with 3 engraved ivory panels depicting a hunting scene.
Lenght : 90 mm

# 35
Cello from Stradivarius

Dyed whitebeam wood. Finger board and working keys are made of ebony. Ivory bridge. Snakewood bow
Lenght :115 mm.

# 34
French XVIIIth C. cherrywood harp

Spruce wood sounding board. 32 strings.
half tones pedals.
Height : 115 mm.

# 49

XVIth C. cithern from a model by Girolamo Virchi

Decorated with polychrome carvings, grotesques and women.
Marquetry is made with boxwood, ebony and plane tree burl. Casing is hollow and there are three caracters carved in the rosace.

Lenght : 82,5 mm.