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Scientific objects

Pair of terrestrial and celestial globes

according to works of Lartigue (1777) and Lennel (1778)
library of Louis XVI in Versailles

   Each sphere is carried by a bronze Atlas surmounted by a brass cradle articulated on three axes of rotation.
   The choice of a metal of foundry for the realization of the models to the 1/12th scale was essential for qualities of resistance and finish aspect compared to the original.Globes are painted and varnished
   The celestial globe represents the constellations in the form of characters and fantastic bestiary.
   The terrestrial globe materializes the continents with the meridian lines and the parallels.

   Original works which were delivered to the Castle of Versailles in 1777 and 1778 are plaster casts covered with a black patina for one and warm bronze finish for the other.    Although realized by two different artists, these statues are products from the same mould probably carried out according to a clay modelling model.

Height : 12,5 cm