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Furniture # 2

#51 - H: 58 mm L: 38,5 mm

Small writing table
Transition period

Musical pattern marquetry on the top outlined with kingwood frieze.
Lower shelf with floral decoration.
Each side is inlaid.

#53 - H: 84 mm P: 45 mm L: 73 mm

Small roll top desk
Louis the XVth

Rich floral marquetry decoration on each side from a model by Jean François Oeben ( Circa 1760 )

#54 - H: 70 mm L: 35 mm P: 52 mm

Pear-shaped "rafraichissoir"
Louis the XVth

The upper part is a lid which can be put aside and reveal a marble shelf for plates and three cases for cutlery and a refreshed bottles. Kingwood inlays outlined with gilt bronzes.

#52 - H : 70 mm L : 85 mm P : 45 mm

Italian commode

Decorated with a "vernis Martin ". Chinoiseries paintings on a yellow ground.Marble top.

H: 74 mm L: 200 mm l : 100 mm
Dining table with marquetry

Private commission from an American pedestal gueridon.
New York - XIXth C.