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Furniture # 3

#30 - H: 90 mm L: 110 mm P: 45 mm

Genoese writing desk

Italy - XVIIIth C.
Somptuously decorated with foliages in the "Rocaille" manner.
Bronze handles and escutcheons.

#29 - H 126 mm P: 35 mm

Painted corner cupboard

Genoa - Italy - XVIIIth C.

#32 - H: 72 mm P: 42 mm L: 57 mm

XVIIIth C. italian chest

Monochrome landscapes paintings
on each side.
Three cherry wood drawers and removable tray inside.

#40 - L: 160 mm

English settee from Robert Adam

1770- Oilpainted cartouches.

Ivory shellac and gold on wood.

#38 - H: 69 mm L: 102 mm P: 47 mm

XVIIIth C. italian commode

Gold chinoiseries on a red shellac ground.

Painted "faux-marbre" top.

#44 - H: 85 mm L: 72 mm P: 32 mm

Provencal bread cupboard

XVIIIth C. South of France.

Carved and turned wallnut.

H: 77 mm L: 90 mm P:40 mm

Louis the XVIth console

Carved and turned wood.Sarancolin marble top.

Flutted spirals on the lower part of the legs.

Carved bay leaves on the belt.