Le "Poinct de Tulle"


    During displacements in my area, I had the occasion to meet othercraftsmen working in other fields. I introduce Mrs Cathy Vedrenne here to you whose talent is exerted in a type of lace which developed in the town of Tulle in Corrèze.

    This artist saw in the 1/12th miniature scale a challenge and put its knowledge and its experiment to serve the requirements of this unusual scale...

    Judge for yourself :

Place mat / dim. : 6 cm x 4 cm
Real size


   At the 17th century, a female craft industry, promoted by writers whose Baluze, protégé from Colbert, and Mascaron,
popularized the TULLE name so well, that it became a common noun, known in the whole world.

   The "tulle", allied to the lace of Venice, very popular during the15th C. seems to be invented at that time in our city.

    The "Poinct de Tulle" consisted of a network of regular, square meshs, made with the wire of very thin Flandres threads and however solid enough so that this netting can be embroidered with flowers or delicate ornaments by employing mainly three points: "Le grossier" (the coarse one)
                   "Le picot" (the barb - finer)
                   "Le respectueux" ( the respectful, most delicate ).
      Then were added "La rosette" ( the rosette ), "Le point d'esprit ( the point of spirit) and "Le cordonnet" ( the thin cord ).
  All was of course hand made by the "tullistes" ( tulle makers - term which indicated Tulle craftwomen ).

    Cathy VEDRENNE is a instructress since 1984 and teaches the art of the "point de Tulle" to the children as from 7 years and the adults.

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Le Bourg

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Cellphone : 06 85 18 16 25

Tuesday 05/12/1998 House of Monédières
Mme Chirac, Mme Martine, Cathy Vedrenne, Mme Verdier, Mme Clinton