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XVIIIth C. Furniture

#37 - H: 62 mm L: 102 mm P: 50 mm

"Tric trac" table

From R.V.L.C. (Lacroix)

Satinwood, Cuban mahogany, ebony and ivory inlaid.
Late XVIIIth C. Removeable top.

#36 - Hauteur: 80 mm

Lyre chair

Louis the XVIth period.
Carved wood from a model by Jacob.


#48 - H: 60 mm L: 60 mm P: 30 mm

Tricoteuse "Ladies' work table"

In the manner of VanderCruse Lacroix.

Satinwood, mahogany and box wood.

#50 - H: 61 mm D: 30 mm

Small "Transition" gueridon

Cherrywood inlaid with satinwood from R.V.L.C.

Top and shelf are decorated with revolving rosaces and lattice work marquetry.

- H: 107 mm L: 70 mm P: 45 mm

Standing writing desk

Louis the XVIth period.

From Adam Weisweiler.

Satinwood and purplehart wood

H: 67 mm L: 160 mm P: 78 mm

Louis the XVth bureau plat

Attributed to Charles Cressent.

Tulipwood parquetry ground with somptuous bronze ornaments.

Appolo and Diana bustes.

Top covered with brown leather.