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Furniture # 5

  Suite of eight seats comprising four chairs, two armchairs and two bergères whose originals were made by Séné and were ordered by Louis the XVIth for the library of the Castle of Versailles.

    These reproductions belong to the famous collection of the English company "Ede & Ravenscroft" which includes French pieces of furniture manufactured by Denis Hillman.


 The seats are intricate objects to reproduce in miniature because they combine several techniques of decoration (joinery, painting, tapestry, carving, gilding) which it is necessary to harmonize between them. Taking into account the size of these objects, I chose to make them with boxwood to have a hard assembly and a carving as detailed as possible.

     Gilding is made with real gold leaves on a "clay bowl" (red ground) which gives it this bright and warm color.


   The upholstery is out of woven silk and the decoration of flowers and architectural elements in the Chinese taste reproduces the original accurately.
   The assemblies of the pieces of wood respect reality.
These pieces can be seen at the Naples Museum of Art
( Florida )